Yoga Kneeling Pads for Joint Comfort in your Yoga & Pilates Practice

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Now PAIN-FREE Cushions for Knees, Wrists, Elbows, Ankles, and Sit bones


Joint comfort in kneeling yoga poses. Yoga kneeling pads for knees, elbows, wrists and more. USA-MADE

YogiKnees™ kneeling pads for all types of Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch

Great cushions for yoga meditation

For restorative yoga

For Pilates too


High-density YogiKnees™ features:

  • A partner for your yoga mat
  • Closed-cell construction will not absorb moisture
  • Sticky YogiKnees™ grips your mat, and the floor
  • Easily hand-washable and durable
  • It folds up in mat easily and stays there

Non-skid, Non-slip:

and USA-made.
So are our

This non-skid, non-slip pad surface becomes One with you, just like your yoga mat. Great for instructors, studios, fitness centers, practitioners. We’re just adding a mat to our mat!

Why YogiKnees™?  What we hear:

  • Pillows slip around
  • Tired of adjusting blankets
  • Sensitive elbows in prone poses
  • Sitting on the sit bones is uncomfortable

 Our Environment and You: 

YogiKnees™ are:
FREE of Latex, FREE of heavy metals, FREE of Azo dyes, FREE of Phthalates.


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Yogi Knee Pads for yoga, exercise and Pilates practice. No more knee pain

YogiKnees™ currently ships within the USA. 

High-density YogiKnees™ feature:

  • Extra dense padding for those tough poses
  • A partner for your yoga mat
  • Closed-cell construction will not absorb moisture

Dimensions & Weight: *

  • 24″L  x 12″W x 0.5″D (thick)
  • Pad weight: 20oz.
    • * Please allow 1/4″ deviation in Length and/or Width due to hand manufacture.
    • (24 inches is the standard width of a regular or extra-long yoga mat)

Our Story: 

Most of my yoga and fitness students are over age 40. Most currently still enjoy lifestyles of skiing, running, hiking and more. Commonly, our knees and joints become more sensitive with age. I felt badly that my students were skipping proper form, or omitting certain postures from a session altogether because of knee pressure or pain, even with safe modifications.

I placed several gardening knee pads in the studio to assist my students’ comfort – most just $5 or $6 each. They were extremely helpful, but the foam pads wore down quickly, and slipped about. A few years ago I had the idea of creating more durable, sticky knee mats utilizing yoga-relative material. In researching yoga related products, almost 100% were made in Asia to keep costs cheap. Not happy with this, and with further due diligence, I was able to source and make YogiKnees™ kneeling pads in the USA. Though cost a little higher, success achieved!

WOW!  My students responded immediately and positively. Success again! Currently 65% of my students use my latest YogiKnees™ pads daily. And all postures are now doable for them. Happy knees, wrists, and sit bones – forever. Rewarding results, evolved from love!


Tip for practitioners: 

It’s true we need to fully engage the core to take pressure off our joints and remain tall in posture. Full core engagement helps significantly. In addition, I nag my students constantly here, root your feet and toes actively into the ground. These two points take tremendous pressure off the knees and wrists for better body weight distribution. For beginners, it takes a little time to strengthen the core. Be patient, keep practicing, listen to, and communicate with your instructor.


“I like to connect my postures consistently and smoothly without having to move a prop here or there whether I’m at rest, or in asana. So I use the YogiKnees™ pad Under my yoga mat which makes for perfect transitions in stepping forward or back. The YogiKnees™ are convenient and never clumsy.”  – yoga studio manager”

Gardening pads help a lot, but they are slippery..”  – yoga practitioner“We have these in our yoga studio, they’ve lasted years.”  – G.Jones, instructor

“I’m putting these in my shop for the guys to repair the bikes.” – Dick V. 

“There are lots of knee pads, some more comfortable than others. And some end up dropped and orphaned in the parking lot. Not with YogiKnees™. Fold them up in your mat and forget them. Jelly pads are great, but very expensive. We keep 1 pair in our studio which most folks use for the wrists.”  – G.Jones