“The Yoga Show” 28-min. Educational Videos: Instructor and Producer, Gwenn Jones, Auburn Yoga Studio [for Auburn Community TV]

Yoga Show “Yoga for Digestion #3: Happy Digestion” 08-16-16 (above)

Great yoga massaging postures for the digestive system. Filmed for Auburn Community TV at Atwood Video Productions, Auburn, CA. Teacher, Gwenn Jones guides you through soft, long, efficient movements to support digestion.

Yoga Show “Stretch For Success #3” 08-02-16 (above)

Now recording in high definition from our new studio at Atwood Video Productions, Auburn, CA. Thank you, guys!


 Yoga Show “Iron Backs” with Gwenn Jones ACTV 3-5-15 (above)


“River Yoga” Just for the joy! October 2012 (above)

Shot, produced and edited by Paula Johnston, Videographer Gold Country Videos

Yoga Show “Yoga Show: Back & Hips, #2”: 2-4-14 (above)

Yoga Show “Yoga for Digestion #2”: 5-13-14 (above)

Yoga Show “Intermediate Hips & Shoulders”: 1-14-14 (above)

Yoga Show “Opening The Body”: 1-7-14 (above)