Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ This class consists of Restorative yoga postures to relax the body deeply, which in turn enables the body to heal itself. Restorative yoga postures are also done on the floor using yoga props such as bolsters and blankets. This allows for a longer-held, deeper stretch as the body relaxes on the props, helping us remain in the postures longer as stress drains away. The class ends with a restorative deep relaxation followed by a brief meditation. LEVEL: Appropriate for all; modification-friendly, slow-paced. [90 min. Mondays & Fridays]


Instructor: Gwenn Jones ~ A lively, challenging and supportive environment awaits you for this fun flowing session. Post warm-up, moderately paced postures (asanas) are practiced which enhance strong, lean physiques, develop focus, improve balance and endurance.

Postures are held for several breath cycles. This builds body heat, activates major muscles, elevates heart rate, and increases caloric-burn. Each posture is transitioned with coordinated breath and movement. Your breath, your concentration, and your center fire up. Each class varies in sequences. Please expect postures without rushing — this session is not “fast.” You will be challenged and inspired to release tension and explore your full potential in this flow. You might just discover a joyful new normal!

LEVEL 2 and 2+

Appropriate for intermediate +/-; always modification-friendly, slow-medium-paced. [80 min.] 

*Do Not Be Confused with Slow-Medium pace,” which does not mean Gentle. The longer one holds in asana, the better we can take time to focus, assess, and become stronger, thus, the “slow-medium” term.. Not beginner-friendly. 


Reading Comes Alive With Yoga: Instructor: Heather Dwelle  ~  Interactive reading is the basis for this class. We will be reading a book and experiencing the story through yoga poses. Our goal is to have fun, moving our bodies safely, while learning how to breath and relax. (Children need to be potty trained or have a parent present).

Portion of a class may include the following:

Book: “Hello World! Birds” by Jill McDonald

Each child will become an egg in an eagle’s nest by wrapping themselves in their mat to form the protective covering of their shell. A short meditation guides them to scan their bodies, head to toe, before they hatch and become eaglets. We will practice how to “spread our wings”and “eagle walk”. We can explore how eaglets might communicate in the nest with a cooperative game and sing a song to encourage each new eaglet to be brave as they take their first flight.

Art project: kids make their own bird’s nest; materials represent all the things a bird might use to build a nest.


Instructor: Gwenn ~ The purpose of this session is to mix it up! Each session fluctuates. For example, extra stretching might be the order of the day, or partial Vinyasa flow with accent on technique and alignment, or added core movements. Practitioner feedback and requests are common and welcomed. Opportunity is vast in this accommodating session where working deeper in mind and body improves overall no matter what our personal challenges might be. Our Yoga Blend is truly a class based on Your choices.

Appropriate for intermediate +/-; modification-friendly, *slow-medium-paced. [80 min.] 


Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ Yoga for Seniors is a fun and gentle yoga class that emphasizes bone strengthening, balance, gentle stretches to make the joints more flexible, and stress reduction. Using hand weights as well as weight-bearing yoga postures, we work to strengthen the bones and prevent bone-density loss. Using the wall and chairs for assistance, we practice balancing postures in a safe manner. With deep breathing exercises and deep relaxation, we allow our body to come back into balance, healing itself. Everyone is invited to try this unique class — from absolute beginners to aspiring yogis! LEVEL: Excellent for all levels. [75 min. Tue & Wed] 

NOTE: The Wednesday morning senior class was added to balance attendance, as Tuesdays often are crowded. 


Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ A perfect complement to your yoga discipline, core strength, and body conditioning regimen, this session adapts yoga asanas with a stability ball practice. The ball provides extra support to increase range of motion while you stabilize your body, build endurance, boost bone density, and improve technique. A great mid-week session and breath of fresh air! LEVEL: Excellent for all levels. Pace: Slow. [60 min. Wed.]


Instructor: Gwenn ~ Gentler yoga postures and transitions encompass this 50/50 format. This slow practice consistently encourages work “from our foundation, outward.” This helps reduce stress, pain, respiration rate, and blood pressure as we increase concentration, flexibility, muscle tone and stability. Proper technique is cultured. Modifications and props are utilized to address back and joint issues or other limitations to make your practice comfortable. Generous stretch time completes the body and mind work as we focus on deep breathing with stretches to facilitate improvement and comfort. This is a great class for Beginners. You will leave with joy and self-acceptance.  LEVEL 1, 1+.  Appropriate for beginners, and/or low mobility, a gentle practice.  Pace: Slow [80 min. Mondays]


Instructor: Gwenn ~ A popular and spectacular fresh stretch class, always diverse, restores your mind and body to calm while rekindling muscle pliability. Stretches are prolonged for complete release to elongate muscles and relax tight zones. Your level is your decision, whether intense or modest. Wrap up your week with this Friday dessert. Modification-friendly. LEVEL: Suitable for all. Pace: Slow [90 min. Fridays] 


Four-week series classes are available for Beginners. Learning to practice with effective breath and correct technique are essential to a successful yoga practice. We find that shortly after beginning a consistent yoga practice, we delve beyond our lessons into improved and functional lifestyles. That’s yoga!

Minimum requirement, 3 students. Call our studio to set up a beginner series (530) 889-2920.


Private classes are available by appointment. Please call for a free consultation.

For Yoga or Fitness sessions with Gwenn: call (530) 889-2920;

For Yoga or Foot Reflexology with Susan: call (530) 878-7065.