Subtle Clove



  • • Natural, Non-GMO essential oil spray
  • • Pleasantly scented Clove toilet bowl poop spray
  • • A touch of cold-pressed Grapefruit oil added for subtlety
  • • 3 spritzes are all you need for our Clove scent
  • • Understated after-fragrance leaving a fresh finish


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2 FL OZ (59mL)

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A favorite poop spray scent! Made with 100% Pure, Natural Clove essential oil with a surprise touch of pure cold-pressed Grapefruit essential oil added. Slightly sweet, DooAway’s Subtle Clove scent is beautifully warm but not overpowering. Heightening our senses of joy, particularly around the holidays. This is a fabulous holiday gift!


Reviews from offline:

I LOVE the smell, I wish it lingered longer!!!  –Lyn B. 8/6/18

Know what you are buying.

Please review our ingredients below or contact us for any questions.

Poop Spray Features:

• Usually only 3 spritzes are necessary with this powerful DooAway clove scent.

• DooAway even keeps your toilet bowl cleaner longer, porcelain-friendly

• No animal testing, no animal products

• Ships within USA

• Costs less than the leading toilet spray brand (plus ingredients are clearly stated)

• Lasts for months

• PayPal friendly, Credit Card friendly (via PayPal, no PayPal account necessary)


*For External Use only. DooAway is Not skin care. Do Not Ingest, 

*Lovingly made by Auburn Yoga Studio, Auburn, California USA



Lift toilet seat, Shake DooAway a bit

Spray 3 spritzes directly onto water surface (BEFORE sitting)

Sit, and continue with nature

Close lid, flush. Yay.



Distilled water, Grain alcohol, Clove natural essential oil (steam distilled), 100% pure grapefruit Grapefruit natural essential oil (cold pressed).


Not the scent for you? See our Lemongrass/Grapefruit toilet spray.

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