Welcome . . . to our natural essential oils yoga DooAway spray. DooAway Toilet Bowl Poop Spray natural essential oils USA made

DooAway is lovingly USA-made. Furthermore, spritzing before we poop has become habit. Two things we think about these days.


Home • Yoga studio • Office building •
RV • Boat • Gym • Health Spa • Salon

DooAway is massively friendly, and contains . . .

No formaldehyde, no carcinogens, no Phthalates. IT’S JUST NOT NECESSARY!

A couple of spritzes of DooAway atop the toilet water surface creates a  cover. The “stinkies” stay trapped below this water surface film which prevents smells from escaping. A glorious scent resonates instead. Flush, and odor be gone!

Commercial fragrant bathroom sprays release chemical particles (toxins) into the air we breathe, which then enter our lungs. Over time, these particles contribute to asthma, allergies, migraines, and respiratory problems over time.

DooAway products proudly offer our Kids, Homes, Offices, or Gyms a healthy alternative which truly removes the stinkies, instead of adding that common perfumey mask trickery!

Like I said, that stuff is just not necessary! READ LABELS and stop tossing money down the toilet.

[DooAway scents will linger for a short time after spritz. They will Not permeate an office or building. Essential oils are short-lived. And DooAway toilet pump sprays are preservative-free.]

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